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Welcome to the Landscaper Directory - your local resource for locating a landscape maintenance professional in your area. To find a qualified landscaper in your area, just click on the city link.

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Landscape Maintenance - Tree Trimming - New Sod Installation

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Houston, TX
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Thousand Oaks, CA
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Culver City, CA
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Plano, TX

Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Lawn & Bedding Care
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Hedge, Shrub & Tree Pruning
  • Irrigation System
  • New Lawn Installation
  • Fall Clean-Up
  • Mulching
  • Plant & Tree Replacement

A Commercial Landscaper Can Help Your Business Looks Its Best

It sounds easy. Find a landscape maintenance company that provides great lawn care. No matter what type of commercial property you have - whether it be a corporate headquarters, resort, golf course, or store front, you need to keep the grounds looking nice so as to represent a certain level of professionalism. But a good landscape maintenance company needs to do more than just mow the lawn. A really good landscaper will also keep the bushes and shrubs well maintained. Along with those duties, the landscape maintenance company will make sure all vegetation receives plenty of water by checking all irrigation system components. Most irrigation systems require continual maintenance to insure that the irrigation system continues to function properly. Many landscape designs incorporate rock features, as well as, bark, pebbles, edgings and all must be maintained to keep bedded areas looking organized and clean. So, if you're looking for a commercial landscaper to maintain your property, locate one in your area and give them a call.

Residential Landscape Maintenance

Does your home need a make-over? Is your lawn getting out of hand because you just don't have the time to cut your grass? Regardless of your situation, you should hire a lawn maintenance and landscaping professional. And don't just hire your neighbor's lawn guy either. Take some time to investigate which landscaper is best for your area and property type. Choosing a landscaper requires you to compare and contrast lawn maintenance services - both from the standpoint of price and services offered. Consider the kind of lawn, garden and tree care you need, then click the link for you local area to find a qualified landscape maintenance professional.

Fall Cleanup & Winterizing Your Landscaping

A good fall cleanup is an important part of maintaining your landscaping investment. A little bit of maintenance now, and your landscaping will be prepared for optimum growth and color in the following spring. If you're like most people, you don't have a time to take a week off from work to spend time cleaning up your property, so it obviously would benefit you to hire a landscape maintenance professional to handle the job for you. Professional landscapers have the tools and equipment needed to get your yard ready for winter, and can come in with a landscaping crew and finish the job very quickly. Professional landscapers will remove all of the dead leaves and debris from your landscaping to prevent diseases and insect infestations. They will also fertilize your lawn and plants to strengthen roots and promote lush growth in the spring. A landscape contractor will also winterize your irrigation system to prevent breakage and major repair costs the following spring. Even a little amount of water left in irrigation pipes can expand and break PVC pipes, so your landscaper will ensure their is no remaining water. Of course, this isn't a necessary precaution in areas where winter frost doesn't reach beyond the depth of irrigation pipes.

Landscape Professionals and Sodding Services

Want to be the envy of the entire neighborhood? Then you need to have a gorgeous lawn. Most homeowners take pride in their home and want to have a beautiful lawn to give a good impression to their neighbors. A beautiful lawn is possible with the aid of a professional landscaper who offers sodding sodding services. A landscaper has the expertise to make your lawn look great and really fast too. The lawn installation process only takes a couple of days - depending on the size of your lot, and there are several types of grass sod you can choose from. The sodding process is actually more affordable than you might think and your initial investment will go along way toward increasing the value of your home. You'll absolutely love your lawn after a landscape professional sods your property. Find a local landscaper in your area and set up an appointment for a free estimate.

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